Various types of steroids have a number of significant differences from each other, for this reason the human body is characterized by the ability of the productive functions of one steroid to another, stimulating the metabolism in the body and helps to ensure that substances that are necessary for building tissue, strongly absorbed by the human body. The main properties of steroids, their chemical reactions are closely associated with decomposition of organic matter, thus representing an integral component of a complex chemical structure. Simultaneously with the process of anabolic substances is recognized as a debilitating factor reliably formed chemical structure. Steroids are actively involved in the process of protein metabolism, thus stimulating in the body undergoing the process of exchange of minerals, however, they are recognized as sort of a barrier to entry into the body and its saturation with phosphorus, sulphur and potassium, important for the process of protein synthesis. At the same time they are detained in the bones of calcium compounds. Derivatives of testosterone most recognized steroids that promote muscle growth person. As a direct result of this process for this type of steroids characterized by the presence of androgynous effect, which bears a distinct character. Its action is identical in its physiological type of male sex hormone and provides a similar analog of the formation of the male figure, which has a muscular body type. To date, scientists have identified the tendency of steroids to fulfil a useful role in reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. Due to the above-described operation of steroids observed a progressive improvement of lipid metabolism. Today, it is cumbersome to decide on a specific name, meaning by this term the best steroids. Currently one of the most topical and widely discussed urgent question regarding a rational approach to the use of anabolic steroids, in particular the further consequences of their impact on the operation and proper functioning of the liver.

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